Gnome Rotary on Display Stand
with Stub prop

1913 Gnome Rotary
The full size Gnome Monosoupape (single valve) rotary was a beautiful machined engine in which the crankshaft was stationary while the engine revolved. Four cycle with ported intake and poppet exhaust - it had no throttle and ran wide open. Speed was controlled by shutting the ignition off. Replica Engines 1/4 scale looks and functions exactly like the full size engine.

Gnome Rotary on Running Stand
Key Benefits

Pricing & Options

  • Gnome Rotary$3995.00
  • Running Stand$1995.00 (ignition system included)
  • Display Stand  $375.00
  • 24 - 10 Prop.   $125.00
  • Ignition System      $135.00

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