Recreating notable internal combustion engines..
CNC machining and prototype work..
Replica Engines specializes in replicating historic, milestone, and record-setting gas-powered automobile, motorcycle, and aircraft engines. The level of reproduction is microscopic in its attention to detail. The Replica Engine Company was founded for the sole purpose of reproducing, in miniature, internal combustion engines that have influenced the history of both the gas engine and aviation, and motorcycles as well.
Replica Engines is entering its third decade of production.  Originally, Wally Warner purchased the rights to an English 5-cylinder radial engine, with the goal of making engines for the model airplane industry. His son Scott joined the company in 1980 and has expanded the business to include CNC machining and prototype work. 
Currently, the Warner's build museum-quality, quarter-scale, fully operational, gasoline-powered engines, including the 1909 vintage Gnome Rotary Monosoupape (single valve motor), The 1940 Offenhauser and The 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora IRL V8. These are not model airplane engines you buy out of your local hobby shop. For example, the 3.97-cubic-inch displacement engine takes several weeks to build. Museum-quality means just that!
Gnome Rotary 
1997 Aurora IRL on Display Stand
Ordering Information 
Please note that each engine is a build to order, we do not keep them in stock. 
Our ordering policy is as follows.....
All orders are secured by a non-refundable deposit  with the balance due before shipping. All sales are final with no refunds. 
The warranty, 90 days covering mechanical defects, will be void if the engine has been dismantled or mishandled.  
As stated each engine is a build to order, therefore if you would like to order please contact us so a price and delivery quote can be made. 
Thank-You for your interest,
Replica Engines